Easter beliefs


You have to swing at Easter so you don't bite mosquitoes in summer.

Latvian faith

What is your favorite Easter belief? Do you believe any of them?
I think many rocked at Easter because it's a great tradition in families, probably not because of faith, but because of the opportunity to have fun together.

  • On Easter morning, before sunrise, get up early and run barefoot on the barn. It is better if you can, as you get out of bed, immediately run out, where there are some chips, chips, firewood and other things. They must nevertheless be grabbed on the lap and brought inside. Then burn. Then you can find a lot in that year, like money.
  • If you do not want to have thick legs, then on Easter morning before sunrise you need to climb bare feet.
  • At Easter, boil eggs to grow as round as eggs.
  • When eating the first egg at Easter, do not scratch it, because then there will be as much disease as the egg scratches.
  • You need to swing a lot at Easter, then you will not sleep all year round.
  • If you want your cheeks to be pink, then on Easter morning before the sun you need to eat 13 cranberry berries.
  • Whoever gets up the earliest on Easter morning gets up early all summer.
  • On Easter night, you have to wash in the horse stable, in the drinking water of the horse and drink the same horse water, then there will be a vigilant sleep.
  • If you wash your mouth in running water or in a horse trough before Easter morning, you have a good night's sleep all year round.
  • On Easter morning, when the sun rises, you need to go to the river to wash your mouth, then you can get up early in the morning, no sleep.
  • Old people said that those who wash their mouths in Easter when the sun rises, do not burn black in summer, and do not fall asleep at work.
  • On Easter morning, you need to wash your feet in the water that flows in the morning, then without sending your feet. Also, in the morning you need to wash your mouth in running water, because then you have a clear mind.
  • If you wash yourself in the stream that flows against the mornings on Easter morning, then you stay cheerful and lively like a stream all year round.
  • On Easter morning, when the sun rises, the hair with the hare's foot must be combed, standing in hops, then beautiful hair grows.
  • On Easter morning, when the sun rises, you have to wash your mouth, because then you will be beautiful.
  • A person born on Sunday must go to a high mountain on Easter morning. There he will see the sun's rays dance and will be happy all his life.
  • Whoever goes out in the field on Easter morning first has good luck this year.
  • The old-fashioned Easter custom is to beat eggs. The stronger the egg, the longer it will live.
  • Need to call or shoot outside on Easter morning. From which side an echo is heard, from which side comes a brute or brute.
  • The daughter can feed the boy with an egg on the first day of Easter: she has to wrap the egg around her left leg and give it to the boy without knowing it.
  • If you want to find money, you have to read the chips on Easter morning.
  • If you wash in the clear spring water before Easter in the morning, then the summer is not hot, and no one can do anything wrong.
  • Dreams seen on Easter night comes true.
  • Peas should be placed on the table at Easter, because they bring wealth.
  • At Easter, choose to form round dishes, thus honoring the sun.
  • The tablecloth that is placed on the festive table should be yellow or green to encourage the arrival of spring.
  • If it rains on Easter, it will rain every Sunday until Pentecost.
  • If frogs jump over the road at Easter, then summer will be rainy.
  • If the bright sun rises on Easter morning, then it will be a hot summer.
  • If there is a thunderstorm before Easter, it will be a cold summer.
  • It is believed that magicians and witches are activated on Green Thursday.
  • On Green Thursday, the house must be cleaned, everything that has accumulated during the winter must be discarded, then the house will be clean all year round.
  • On Green Thursday, you should not bring anything in the house to avoid insects and reptiles in the summer.
  • On Good Friday, fruit trees should be hung in balls of yarn, then there will be a rich harvest.
  • Visiting on Good Friday should be avoided.
  • Whoever rises after sunrise on Easter morning will have a bear's sleep for the rest of the year.
  • Swinging is a magical ritual that symbolizes dancing in the sun on Easter morning.
  • You have to swing high and high - then a good harvest is expected.
  • You have to swing at Easter so that mosquitoes do not bite in summer.
  • After Easter, the swing needs to be dismantled and burned so that the witches are nowhere to be found swing.