Porridge with fried bacon

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This is one of my favorite childhood messes. Dictate the taste! Try - porridge with fried bacon.

Broken pea porridge

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We all already know that there are many different types of porridge. Have you tried broken pea porridge? No? - try it out!

Quick-cooking oatmeal porridge with nuts

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Quick-cooking oatmeal porridge with nuts. The name says it all - everything happens quickly and easily. Don't forget that porridge is a great breakfast dish to make

Buckwheat flakes porridge with bananas

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Don't know what to cook for breakfast? Here's the solution for you. Try buckwheat porridge with bananas.

Whole barley porridge with sea buckthorn

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Barley wholemeal porridge with sea buckthorn is a great food to start your morning. Try it - gain strength for the whole day!

Whole grain oatmeal porridge with peanut butter

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Did you know that International Porridge Day is October 10th? The first Porridge Day celebrations took place in 2009. Prepare yourself a delicious, as delicious porridge for breakfast to suffice