mashed potatoes

Peruvian style stuffed potato porridge

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Peru - Papa rellena - translates to "stuffed potatoes" is a delicious dish Combines mashed potatoes with minced beef. Elongated oval meatballs are formed

Sweet potato porridge boats

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Who would have thought that mashed potatoes can be used in another form. I borrowed this recipe from the Tiktok video, but I made it on my own. The classic recipe is from

Sweet potato porridge

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I really like potatoes, especially sweet potatoes. Sweet potato porridge is a great meal. Did you know that sweet potato or sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a member of the

Mashed potatoes

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Classic potato porridge. Take your favorite potatoes and treat your friends or family with a delicious mashed potatoes.

Mushroom strogonov with mashed potatoes

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We replace the classic strogonov with a mushroom strogonov. Try it out!