cold soup

Quick cold tomato soup

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What to do with tomato guts when cooking stuffed tomatoes? I use them to make my own cold soup. A quick cold tomato soup is a simple meal

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10 minutes tomato Gazpacho soup

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10 minutes tomato Gazpacho soup. Spanish chilled tomato and vegetable soup, which is fresh, light and, of course, delicious. Did you know that Gazpacho or Gaspacho, called

Classic cold soup

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Classic cold soup. Sausage and beets are an integral part of soup for others. you can find a variety of cold soup recipes. You should definitely try cold soups

Cold avocado soup

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Cold avocado soup definitely sounds unusual. But it seems to me that cold soup can be made from anything that is cold, so add kefir and everything

White cold soup with radishes and cucumbers

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White cold soup with radishes and cucumbers. Cold soups are eaten in different countries. They are also respected in Latvia, mostly on hot summer days. And of course others do this

Cold sorrel soup

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Cold sorrel soup, a great meal on the hottest spring day. Did you know that sorrel is a rich source of iron? Acids also contain vitamin C. Acids are especially recommended for anemia


Cold soup

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Cold soup has been made since ancient times. During the warmer weather or summer season, many crops make a variety of cold soups. These soups usually have less fat and