Tofu, corn and asparagus salad

tofu and asparagus salad
  • Preparation Time
    10 min
  • Cooking Time
    15 min
  • Servings

Tofu, corn and asparagus salad. What can be better in vegan cuisine than tofu. Try these simple and delicious salads.



    Solis 1

    Finely grate the lemon peel.

    Solis 2

    Mix lemon peel, oregano, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon oil in a small bowl. And put tofu cut into thick slices.

    Solis 3

    Heat the pan. Put tofu, corn and asparagus with oil. Fry the corn on both sides for 8 minutes. Tofu and asparagus, about 1-2 minutes, on each side. Asparagus must be soft.

    Solis 4

    Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix the pesto, the remaining lemon juice and oil. Mix everything.

    Solis 5

    Finished corn cobs cut into 1,5 cm thick layers. Put in a bowl with tomatoes (cut them in half) and asparagus.

    Solis 6

    Serving on plates, put tofu on top and aplej with pesto sauce. And finally, sprinkle with cheese.


    I also like to add a little arugula to my salad. Enjoy your meal!

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