Marinated mushroom mix

pickled mushrooms

    Marinated mushroom mix. Choose different mushrooms for pickling - mushrooms, birch leaves, etc., then the taste bouquet will be more interesting.



      Solis 1

      Wash mushrooms thoroughly.

      Solis 2

      Cut the stalks of the mushrooms. The caps are cut into several parts, depending on the size of the mushroom.

      Solis 3

      Pour a liter of water into the pot, pour salt, sugar, citric acid, cloves and bay leaf. Put on fire and boil. When the water starts to boil, add the mushrooms. Cook for another 25 minutes.

      Solis 4

      When everything has boiled, add the vinegar.

      Solis 5

      Fill the mushrooms in jars, pour the marinade. The jars are pasteurized for 30 minutes.

      Solis 6

      Heat heated jars with mushrooms, invert and cover with a blanket to slowly cool.


      Enjoy your meal!

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