Pumpkin cream soup

  • Preparation Time
    1:15 p.m.
  • Cooking Time
    10 min
  • Servings

Pumpkin cream soup, in my opinion, is the most popular cream soup of all. Try it out!

Pumpkin according to morphological classification as a berry. They began to be grown about 6000 years ago. In Europe, they were only cultivated after the Great Geographical Discoveries in the 16th century. Pumpkin became a recognized food plant in Europe in the 17th century.

Pumpkins are a good source of fiber, vitamins, protein and iron.



    Solis 1

    Cut garlic and onion into small pieces, fry in a pan.

    Solis 2

    Peel and cut into smaller pieces carrots, potatoes and pumpkin.

    Solis 3

    Put the vegetables in a pot, add spices and pour water so much that it does not cover the vegetables. Bring to a boil until the vegetables are soft.

    Solis 4

    When everything is ready, blend until smooth.


    Delicious fried bacon or toast is present. Cut the onions or parsley and sprinkle them on the served soup. Enjoy your meal!

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