Boiled meat salad with hazelnuts

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Dried meat is my biggest treat. Dictation stall. I recently started adding it to my main dishes as well. Salted meat salad with hazelnuts is interesting and

Fried salmon with honey mustard and pecan crust

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Fried salmon with honey mustard and pecan crust is a great meal. Try it out!

Carrot salad with celery and apple

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Carrot salad with celery and apples is another quick and delicious dish. Try it out!

Quick-cooking oatmeal porridge with nuts

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Quick-cooking oatmeal porridge with nuts. The name says it all - everything happens quickly and easily. Don't forget that porridge is a great breakfast dish to make

Strawberry salad with balsamic

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Strawberry salad with balsamic is a great, light and summer snack. Try it, it's worth it!

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Simple basil pesto

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Simple basil pesto. I adore basil. Nothing else could be better than a bun with pesto and a tomato on top. Or set up a vegetable or other pesto dish

Snickers cheesecake

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Snickers cheesecake. Very tasty and hearty!


Avocado cake

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This could be called an avocado lime vegan cake. In the recipe, a lot of happiness is used. However, lemons can also be used instead of lime. Remember that for everyone