pickled cucumber


Egg salad with meat, pickles and cherries

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Rich egg salad with meat, pickles and cherry tomatoes. Fast and delicious. Try it out!

Bean salad with ham

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Bean salad with ham. Beans are a great ingredient for many meals, but also a great main course. I dictate to go to the heart of the bean. Try this delicious and fast

Chicken salad with pineapples

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Chicken salad with pineapple is a great, hearty meal. Three ingredients and lunch or dinner, maybe even breakfast, are ready for you. We all appreciate the quick, easy

Traditional German potato salad

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In Germany, there is a debate as to whether traditional German potato salads should be made with mayonnaise or vinaigrette. The inhabitants of northern Germany prefer mayonnaise, while in the south it is used

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Potato salad with pickled mushrooms

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Potato salad with pickled mushrooms. Fast and delicious.