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Stuffed eggs

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Stuffed eggs are easy and quick to cook. They taste equally good for breakfast, dinner and lunch before a more serious meal. 


Chicken drumsticks in marinade

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Chicken drumsticks in marinade. Try this delicious and simple marinade!

Stewed beef with beans

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This recipe, stewed beef with beans, busy for quite some time, but is worth it. Try this fantastic dish!

Salmon balsamic pieces with vegetables

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Salmon balsamic pieces with vegetables - an easy recipe that has so much flavor from balsamic glaze. Respect your family and friends with the quality of this restaurant

Vista in coriander and lime sauce

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One often wonders how to make chicken fillet differently. Then this is a slightly different, perhaps recipe - chicken in coriander and lime sauce. 

Chicken fillet in Parmesan cheese

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Chicken fillet in Parmesan cheese certainly can not be disappointing, expressive taste, satiety, a great meal to respect yourself and your loved ones. 

Tuna with arugula pear salad

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Tuna with arugula pear salad. Tuna steak is a great substitute for meat, I recommend trying this recipe if you are not a meat lover, but seafood goes to heart.