Stuffed avocado with beef

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Avocado itself is a great dish. Everyone likes avocado buns. And I believe stuffed avocados with beef could also taste good. Try it out! Did you know

Beef rolls

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Beef rolls with plums are an excellent main course. Soft, hearty and delicious. Try it out!


Beef tartare

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Beef tartare. Salmon tartare seems to be more popular, but this one is just as tasty.

Sour cabbage soup

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Sauerkraut soup, which you should definitely try. Sauerkraut also contains vitamins and various valuable minerals. When souring cabbage, you can take care of vitamins and minerals

Stewed beef with beans

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This recipe, stewed beef with beans, busy for quite some time, but is worth it. Try this fantastic dish!

Zucchini and beef lasagna

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Zucchini and beef lasagna will be healthier, less fatty and gluten-free lasagna unlike classic lasagna with pasta. Zucchini and courgettes strengthen immunity, delay