Roast pork stuffed with beer

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Christmas roast - beer roast pork. Make the family happy!

Pickled beets with onions

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Pickled beets are added to various soups, stews and other hot dishes. As well as a salad or just a snack at the main course. Marinate these pickled beets with onions.

Long stewed cabbage

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I remember my mother's delicious long-stewed cabbage right for Christmas. They are and were, as a tradition, a must have on the festive table. Try it out!


Cold pork or ham

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Cold pork is a great snack. Other meat may be used instead of pork. Cold meats also called pork, blue meat and aspic are

French onion soup

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A full spoonful of caramelized onions, soul-warming broth and melting cheese… sounds great, doesn’t it? Slicing onions makes most of us cry, but why? The reason is

Meatball Soup

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Depending on the national traditions of different countries, meatballs are better known as meatballs and analogues of these dishes can be used in both first and second dishes. Danish, German and