Italian buns Brusketta

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Get to Italy with their famous buns. Italian buns Brusketta. Recipe from Veronica. Search for him on Instagram @veronika_levsa_love_to_cook and get many more great recipes.


Stuffed pasta shells with spinach-cauliflower cream

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You've probably heard from me that pasta can never be too much. Try this great recipe - stuffed pasta shells with spinach-cauliflower cream.

Salted cherry tomatoes with basil

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Salted cherry tomatoes with basil. Take multicolored cherry tomatoes and the result will be enjoyable for the stomach and eyes!

Zucchini with cream and greens

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Zucchini with cream and greens. For courgette season, a great meal. Try it out! Did you know that zucchini is an excellent source of copper and manganese, as well as a very good C, B6

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Simple basil pesto

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Simple basil pesto. I adore basil. Nothing else could be better than a bun with pesto and a tomato on top. Or set up a vegetable or other pesto dish

Cauliflower lasagna

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Vegetarian lasagna with cauliflower. This recipe takes quite a lot of time, so I recommend cooking it with your family, it will be a pleasant and useful time. Did you know