Easy to make mushroom sauce

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You don't always need complicated dishes. Other times simple recipes are forgotten. Easy to make mushroom sauce is what you need in the autumn. Try it out!

Mushrooms in a simple marinade

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During the fall, mushrooms are revered by many. Have you tried mushrooms in a simple marinade? Try it out!

Mushroom chops

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Mushroom chops from self-picked mushrooms and aspen bacon. What could be better and fresher than that.

Pears with mushrooms

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Mushrooms with mushrooms are a super tasty dish. Try it out. Did you know that pearls are whole or broken barley grains with the outer skin removed? They are singled out as such


Mushroom soup with melted cheese

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Mushroom soup with melted cheese is a great autumn dish. But you can also create a summery autumn atmosphere at any other time of the year. Prepare this great dish for yourself.