5 classic rhubarb recipes

rhubarb bread

Rhubarb is planted in early spring, when the land is in working order, which means that it can be enjoyed very soon after the winter season. 

Have you already planted your rhubarb? Or have they already started to grow from your old seedlings in the flower bed?

Take a look at five great classic rhubarb recipes, choose the one closest to you and start enjoying your sour spring garden. 

Rhubarb flatbread

rhubarb bread

Rhubarb cake

rhubarb cake

Shashlik marinade in rhubarb juice

rhubarb shashlik marinade

Rhubarb strawberry bread

rhubarb strawberry bread

Rhubarb ice tea

rhubarb tea

You can read more about rhubarb itself in its blog article: Rhubarb: a vegetable with large leaves and a long stalk